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Vaginal Atrophy often occurs when there is a decrease in estrogen levels in a woman’s body.  Unfortunately, this decline of estrogen can cause symptoms of vaginal burning, dryness, itching, in addition to painful intercourse. Often vaginal atrophy can result in tightening of the vaginal canal and may also lead to shortening. This decrease in estrogen can occur as a result of menopause or in women of all ages who have sadly had to endure chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy due to a personal history of cancer.

Approximately 50% of women in menopause deal with these unpleasant symptoms. Treatment options for these symptoms have been very limited. Due to the shame or embarrassment of this topic, it is often not discussed. Primary traditional treatment has been vaginal estrogen replacement therapy. However this treatment is frequently declined by patients due to associated increased risk of breast cancer, among many other potential adverse effects. Many women with a personal history of breast cancer do not even have this as a viable treatment option.  

So when exactly does the risk outweigh the benefit? Many women are left to struggle with this very difficult decision.

“Why would I put something into my body that could potentially cause future harm?” Well, unfortunately, the answer is not so simple. Many women deal with these symptoms every day. Their suffering is not just physical, it also can be emotional and disrupt their quality of life.  Women can be left with feelings of inadequacy and guilt which can have impact on marriages and other personal relationships both physically and emotionally.

             Now finally it no longer has to!!!!

In our office conveniently located in New Hyde Park, we are dedicated to offering our patients the highest quality level of care. Therefore, we are pleased to introduce The MonaLisa Touch. This is an innovative non-hormonal in office treatment clinically proven to improve vaginal health.  In over 90% of satisfied patients, The MonaLisa Touch has significantly improved quality of life for these women.

As a proud member of Dr. Julia Raber’s team, I’m very happy to share the positive life-changing feedback and results that I have seen firsthand in our patients over this last year. Vaginal health is often impacted with the decline of estrogen levels, leaving behind many women who are suffering in silence.  Sadly, although the unfortunate impact is often seen, even more so it is often not discussed. So many women are suffering silently due to the result of low estrogen levels. Dr. RABER is very pleased to finally now have a safe and effective alternative treatment to offer our patients. In her Two decades of experience, she now can give patients another option, to have a choice. The MonaLisa Touch is non-hormonal and clinically proven to bring Relief.

Our team here at our office is compassionate and dedicated in constantly finding new ways to improve the quality of life and health for women. If you are a woman suffering from these symptoms, let us help. Change can start today with just a simple 5-minute in office treatment. Confidence is important for women of all ages. Here at our office we are trained in addressing even the most uncomfortable topics while providing knowledge and compassion for all patients. As a practice of women ourselves, we take pride in being here for all patient concerns. Call now, Let us listen, we can help.

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